April 17, 2019:  Jim Z.
Five stars all around, found lots of gold and nuggets!

February 12, 2019:  Sarah H.
Fun to pan.  Need to work for some of the finer pieces.

December 30, 2018:  Jacob M.
Nothing but great gold from Dirthog Paydirt!

November 11, 2018:  Jeff B.
Will buy again!

September 7, 2018:  Dale T.
Surprisingly pleased, we found 0.198 grams of gold in 1 pound of this paydirt.

July 22, 2018:  Tony R.
Great time panning!

February 15, 2018:  Sean R.
My wife loved it, nice color and size of gold nuggets.

January 12, 2018:  Phillip R.
Eureka, more gold than expected!

November 19, 2017:  Chris M.
This is the best paydirt I’ve tried.

August 25, 2017:  Gene K.
This was my first ever bag of paydirt, lots of color!

April 25, 2017:  Anna C. 
Great dirt for the money.

November 12, 2016:  Emma M.
There is gold in this paydirt!

September 21, 2016:  Jack R.
Thanks for the great gold panning experience!

August 17, 2016:  Henry N.

Tried a few others but this is the best!

July 22, 2016:  Bobby M.
I love it!

July 18, 2016:  Sheila W.
Good bang for your buck!

June 14, 2016:  Roger R.
Nice color and nice sized gold.

May 23, 2016:  Walter M.
There’s gold in them thar bags!

May 10, 2016:  Dennis S.
The dirt is pretty clean.

April 12, 2016:  Josh P.
Simply amazing paydirt.

March 22, 2016:  Ray D.
A good time had by all!

February 5, 2016:  Andy R.
I found two clinkers!

January 18, 2016:  Tim S.
The best dirt for the price.

January 2, 2016:  Gary P.
Fast shipping and great gold.

December 22, 2015:  Brian S.
A fun and gold-packed experience!

November 13, 2015:  George R.
An amazing gift for Father’s Day.

October 13, 2015:  Mark C.
Great paydirt, can’t go wrong.

August 21, 2015:  Paul M.
Found 29 small nuggets in my dirt, wow!

July 18, 2015:  Daniel C.
I’m new to gold panning and this was a great learning experience.

May 22, 2015:  Richard N.
Real gold for real panning.

May 8, 2015:  Charles S.
Found some fines and a few pickers!

March 20, 2015:  Mike S.
We now have gold fever after panning this dirt!

February 21, 2015:  Shelly H.
The dirt panned easily.

January 17, 2015:  Eric L.
Good fun, decent gold.

December 14, 2014:  Ken M.
Panning this dirt is easy, I found a picker right away!

October 20, 2014:  Debby H.
Fun for the whole family!

May 15, 2014:  Sandy R.
We wanted to try panning so we bought a bag and found gold, thanks!

March 11, 2014:  Robert M.
Great package of dirt, had more gold than expected.