Real Gold Paydirt From Alaska

Dirthog Paydirt is one of the most reputable paydirt brands in the world.

Our paydirt comes from the Susitna River in southern Alaska.

The Susitna is a 313 mile long river flowing through Alaska.  Gold is found throughout the Susitna, most abundantly below the mouth of Crow Creek and Glacier Creek.
Near Fishhook Creek, the Susitna River has formed many inlets and channels, which are locations on this river that we have found excellent gold.

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Our paydirt is composed of coarse decomposed granite sand containing quartz and other minerals.  Each bag is filled with gold-bearing paydirt that is unprocessed.  We classify it down to approximately 1/4 inch, making it ready-to-pan.  This paydirt may contain:  Nuggets, pickers, fine gold, and/or black sands.

We collect gold every day that we search for it, and there is plenty of material to go around.  Some people are not able to go out mining or do not have locations that bear gold, so we are bringing the fun and enjoyment of panning to you!  Thank you for your interest and good luck panning!